First national convention of collections and Italian museums of cycling

During the opening of the We Like Bike week, rich in sport, culture and cyclotouristic events, a huge representation of museums and Italian collections of cycling will be reunited in a convention in San Daniele, which is the first national convention.

The purpose of this convention – unique for its execution at the same time of “L’Italia in bici”, a special exhibition of antiquities and historical bikes from all over Italy – is to create a debate about the possibilities of development. To start it is important to create a network for sharing the representing realities of an authentically extraordinary heritage and for allowing an exchange of opinions and experiences.

Some collective initiatives could originate, useful to single realities and to develop a possible system related to tourism and national cycle paths. The workings for the conference will start on Tuesday 4th June at 11:00 p.m. in the council room of the Guarneriana library.