PrimaCassa likes WeLikeBike

Besides the events in June, the first news about We Like Bike concerns a very important infrastructural aspect, thanks to the measures recently confirmed by the partner PrimaCassa. 

The regional cooperative credit institution is one of the main We Like Bike supporters and has affirmed that it will anticipate to the second semester of 2019 the installation of power points to recharge e-bikes in the rolling Friuli. PrimaCassa has recently launched a project in favour to its community: a first part of the power points has been placed in Carnia and the goal is to do the same in the hills starting from 2020.  The institution seized in We Like Bike ambitions a potential to reinforce and relaunch its initiatives. Supporting the development of the cyclotourism and the electrification programs it is possible to favor the trends related to an increasing use of the e-bike among the increasing number of bike fans.

So, thanks to PrimaCassa the power points assuring the charge of the pedal-assisted bikes will be permanently set, even along We Like Bike paths through the hills, near bars, hotels, restaurants and other reference points. They will become a real infrastructure, well integrated with the traditional host and accommodation requirements typical of our territory. It is a choice which means an investment on development perspectives about cyclotourism and on attention on life quality, which are exactly the basic We Like Bike aims. This choice will already unfold during the stabilization and developing phases of this project after the events planned for June: this is one of the best exemplification of the practical meaning of “synergy”…