1f. Omnibus eng

11.0 km

1f. Omnibus

A series of paths for everyone keeping the essence of We Like Bike and giving the chance to enjoy the environment and some unique goals. Even in here you will find the hills and the Tagliamento, just outside San Daniele…

The path is not difficult (except for the return up to the hill) and has just 129 m of rises. To get in and out from San Daniele you must cross the highway.


  • San Daniele (DSPP) – Lake (L) of Ragogna – Cimano (B*) – San Tomaso (DS) – San Daniele


  • C castle
  • CS castle work in progress
  • SA archaeological digs
  • DS historic houses and villas
  • PP panoramic view
  • PT bridge over the Tagliamento
  • L lake
  • Q* cycling path in altitude
  • B* biotopes

Estimated travel time (about 15 km/h) 

1 h 06’


A tour to the lake

Difference in altitude

82 m
(from 172 to 254 m over sea level)

Total ascent

129 m


This path is for 

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