3. In the middle of the amphitheater

90.0 km

3. In the middle of the amphitheater

Diving in the morenic amphitheater, on “this side” and on the “other side”of the river, on paths which remind us the great Bottecchia and in the Cavazzo lake area, going back to Gemona after a tour on the eastern hills and finishing in San Daniele (from this perspective there is a nice view of its non-built silhouette….).

This path includes all the amphitheater altitude difference before the mountains and crosses unforgettable places; it is quite long, but not difficult, even if there are some rises (1201 m) and two crossings of the highway. In Venzone area you can possibly connect to the Alpe Adria cycle path.


  • San Daniele (DSPP) Ragogna – San Pietro (C) – Cimano (B*) – Cornino – Peonis – Trasaghis – lake of Cavazzo (L) – Interneppo – Bordano (PT) – Venzone (DS) – Ospedaletto – Gemona (CSDS) – Artegna (DS), Buia Osoppo, Maiano (DS) Soprapaludo (B*) – San Daniele


  • C castle
  • CS castle work in progress
  • SA archaeological digs
  • DS historic houses and villas
  • PP panoramic view
  • PT bridge over the Tagliamento
  • L lake
  • Q* cycling path in altitude
  • B* biotopes

Estimated travel time (about 15 km/h) 

9 h


in the middle of the amphitheater

Difference in altitude

186 m
(from 149 to 335 m over sea level)

Total ascent

1201 m


This path is for 

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