3f. Omnibus eng

9.50 km

3f. Omnibus

A series of paths for everyone preserving the essence of We Like Bike and giving the chance to enjoy a full immersion in the environment under the hill (south-eastern view on the first leg and a view on the morenic anphitheater in the way back).

It is the shortest path of We Like Bike 2019, but not the less attractive and it is very easy: no crossings and short path on the highway in the nearby of San Daniele.


  • San Daniele – Castello d’Arcano – Rodeano – loc. Madone da Bredule) – San Daniele


  • C castle
  • CS castle work in progress
  • SA archaeological digs
  • DS historic houses and villas
  • PP panoramic view
  • PT bridge over the Tagliamento
  • L lake
  • Q* cycling path in altitude
  • B* biotopes

Estimated travel time (about 15 km/h) 

0 h 56’



Difference in altitude

97 m
(from 157 to 254 m over sea level)

Total ascent

121 m


This path is for 

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