4b. Villages on the hills

33.1 km

4b. Villages on the hills 

This is the essence of the rolling middle Friuli, where hills, vineyards, peat bogs, rivers, villages and castles and some recent human constructions harmoniously mesh and don’t blend with the western plain (the end of Pianura Padana…).

With 461 m of rises, the path is extremely various and easy, including two crossings of the highway in leaving San Daniele. 


  • San Daniele (DSPP) – Muris
  • Cimano (B*)
  • Susans (C)
  • San Tomaso (DS)
  • Soprapaludo (B*) – Villaverde – Battaglia – Maurizio – Pozzalis – Arcano (CDS)
  • Bic
  • San Mauro
  • San Daniele


  • C castle
  • CS castle work in progress
  • SA archaeological digs
  • DS historic houses and villas
  • PP panoramic view
  • PT bridge over the Tagliamento
  • L lake
  • Q* cycling path in altitude
  • B* biotopes

Estimated travel time (about 15 km/h) 

3 h 19’


Hills, rivers and golf courses

Difference in altitude

110 m
(from 145 to 255 m over sea level)

Total ascent

461 m


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