5. Villages on the hills

121 km

5. Villages on the hills

This path develops all around San Daniele and make you enjoy the entire morenic amphitheater, near the alpine arch and the middle stretch of Tagliamento: it seems to be created in order to make you get lost in a huge world of opportunities and goals and to get back to with your family and friends next time…

This is a path for asphalt lovers, and it has to be taken on in a single breath. It does not include the most difficult rises, because of its lenght. Anyway, it is characterised by some rises and it crosses the highway in two difference provinces.


  • San Daniele – Giavons – Rive d’Arcano – Battaglia – Fagagna – Colloredo MA – Vendoglio – Treppo Grande – Buia – Artegna – Gemona – Ospedaletto – Venzone – Pioverno – Bordano –Interneppo – Cavazzo – Somplago – Alesso – Forgaria – Flagogna – Pinzano – Valeriano – Spilimbergo – Dignano – Vidulis – Maseris – Rodeano –
  • Villanova – Aonedis – San Daniele

Estimated travel time
(about 20 km/h)

6 h 02’


I was everywhere

Difference in altitude

243 m
(from 92 to 335 m over sea level)

Total ascent

1479 m


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