6. Ragogna off road eng

18.2 km

6. Ragogna off road

We Like Bike offer you this path for Mt Bike and E-Bike to experience a circuit for high level races: that is for highlightening the morenic area, between the San Daniele hill, the lake and the Ragogna erratic rock, from which you can see the grip in Tagliamento towards Pinzano.

The path is not extremely difficult, but it requires some experience. There are two inevitable crossings of the highway.


  • San Daniele (DSPP) – Muris – San Pietro (C) – Tabine – Ragogna/Pignano – loc. Valeriana – San Daniele


  • C castle
  • CS castle work in progress
  • SA archaeological digs
  • DS historic houses and villas
  • PP panoramic view
  • PT bridge over the Tagliamento
  • L lake
  • Q* cycling path in altitude
  • B* biotopes

Estimated travel time (about 15 km/h) 

1 h 12’


Let’s try a path

Difference in altitude

119 m
(from 135 to 254 m over sea level)

Total ascent

302 m


This path is for 

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